experiential learning

experiential learning theory word mash-up

Come Learn Experiential Learning with Me

Ready to take your experiential design and delivery skills to the next level and gain confidence in ALL areas of experiential learning? If that’s a…

experiential learning theory word mash-up

Blending Theory with Play to Enhance Experiential Learning

We know that “All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull person” but what happens if it’s all play and no theory?…

Power of fun with kids flying cardboard aeroplane

The Power of Fun Is In The Trying

I love it when someone shares a story that illustrates the difference they are making in this world, especially when I may have inspired it…

Learning at the edge Podcast

Podcast: Learning at the Edge

If you love digesting podcast episodes, I invite you to dive into the latest Learning at the Edge episode from our friends at the Institute…

Woman attending Facilitating Experiential Learning Online workshop

How To Bring Experiential Learning Online

Bringing Experiential Learning Online is Easier than you Think   We’ve lived with the global pandemic and remote work for more than a year now….

KELP - self-reflection tool by IFEL

Understand How You Learn & Teach These Insights To Others

When you consider that learning is the major process by which you navigate life, learning how to do this well becomes an essential condition to…

Student speaking about student-driven learning

Student-Driven Learning That Works

To usher in the new year, I’m excited to share a short (3 minute) video with you that features a unique school in Australia that…

Woman learning by doing back-flip. Credit Persnickety Prints

Experiential Learning is Not Learning by Doing

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode explores the distinction between the methodology of experiential learning and the learning style of learning by doing. In my early…

Old style flag which reads Explore. Photo credit: Andrew Neel

Does Experiential Learning Work?

There are some educators who believe that integrating ‘real-life’ experiences – which they understand as experiential learning – into school curriculum offers no discernible long-term value…

Boy shooting arrow as reflecting the power of experiential learning. Photo credit: Annie Spratt

The Power of Experiential Learning

Ever wanted a glimpse into what is possible at school? Read this article from Education Week newspaper. The author, Jonathan Lash, provides a wonderful illustration…

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