Understand How You Learn & Teach These Insights To Others

When you consider that learning is the major process by which you navigate life, learning how to do this well becomes an essential condition to reaching your full potential.

To this end, I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new learning tool called the KELP – Kolb Experiential Learning Profile.

It’s a self-reflection tool designed to help your students and staff understand themselves better through their individual preferences for learning. Think Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but for experiential learning and so much more.

Our friends, the Institute for Experiential Learning (IFEL) is conducting a series of online courses to help you learn more about KELP. Over the course of a week of online sessions, you will complete your own KELP report and then learn everything you need to know about the tool to become certified to deliver it to the groups you work with.


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What is the KELP?


The NEW Kolb Experiential Learning Profile was created as a self-reflection tool to help learners understand themselves better through their individual preferences in approaching an ideal process of learning. Since the way you learn is the way you live, make decisions, solve problems, change, collaborate, innovate, and improve, the KELP provides transformative self-awareness that you can use to improve performance, learn, and continue to develop throughout your life.

The KELP will help you and your employees or learners to understand themselves better, collaborate more successfully on teams, and use new learning methods to meet the demands you face.

The KELP report describes learning strengths and leads you through a process of applying these strengths to learning in everyday life.

In the KELP report individuals learn about:

  • The use of the cycle of learning, an ideal approach to learning, to improve effectiveness in work and life
  • Learning style, the expression of your use of the learning cycle that brings strengths and challenges and impacts life choices
  • Learning flexibility, the ability to use all styles for greater range and agility in managing different contexts and complex, changing situations
  • Applying the information and insights to increase learning power, and to become more effective in decision-making, working on a team, resolving conflict, communicating with others, and learning in school and at work.


The KELP Certification Program


The Kolb Experiential Learning Profile Certification program is designed to share the attitudes, knowledge, and skills you will need to introduce, administer and debrief the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile.

This program will help you to communicate the richness and many benefits of living life as a learner and to ignite this power within others. With KELP Certification, you will be able to demonstrate how the Profile is not a one-time insight but can become a working mental model that raises self-awareness every day in every situation.

This Certificate program is a practice-based program delivered in a one-week experiential virtual workshop, accompanied by additional online content. The class will meet for 3 x two-hour sessions over the course of one week.

You will receive a KELP, instructions, and communication for administering the KELP, sample program designs and materials for introducing the KELP to individuals and groups, and a suggested debrief process to review KELP results. You will become part of the KELP Community of Practice to continue sharing best practices and updates.

The course is led by Kay Peterson, founder of the Institute for Experiential Learning, an experienced coach and facilitator, and co-author with David Kolb of How You Learn Is How You Live.

Upon successful completion of each module and attendance of all virtual workshop sessions, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the IFEL and a digital badge that can be displayed on social media.


Learn More About KELP    Register for KELP Certification



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