How To Bring Experiential Learning Online

Bringing Experiential Learning Online is Easier than you Think


We’ve lived with the global pandemic and remote work for more than a year now.

How are your virtual meetings and training working in comparison to your in-person ones a year ago?

Experiential learning is the key differentiator for meetings, training, and workshops that are seriously fun. It takes more than simply using experiences; to make sure learning happens and things get done, you have to use a formula that makes designing and delivering online learning easier than you think.

If you find yourself missing that spark and magic in experiential workshops in the virtual space, then be sure to sign up for the upcoming Facilitating Experiential Learning Online course with our friends Romy Alexandra and the Institute for Experiential Learning (IFEL.)


Workshop Information


Facilitating Experiential Learning Online


This brand new program offers the perfect blend of a little theory combined with practice, conversation, and practical tips that will have an immediate impact on your ability to design and deliver online learning. Romy led a free webinar last week in which she explained how you can nourish the psychological safety of your participants (playmeo members can view it here.)

In this course, you will learn to bring experience and engagement into online experiential learning.  Discover more about how to create virtual learning spaces, design online methods around the experiential learning cycle, engage all nine learning styles, deliver synchronous programs with ease, leverage technology to enhance meaningful interaction, and more.

And, while you are learning about experiential learning, you will be using it, too. In this program, you will create your own online program, and receive personalized 360 feedback on your online training design and delivery. This is an invaluable tool for continuous improvement, and a rare opportunity to practice getting better in a safe space.

playmeo is partnering with IFEL to infuse more play, energizers, and icebreakers into the series.


What Participants Are Saying


Don’t take our word for it, hear from past participants:

“What I’m walking away with, however, is more than what I expected, because everything that I was exposed to relative to virtual delivery, relative to experiential learning, I could use in spades in face-to-face venues.”

– John Fraser, University of Iowa Faculty and Consultant

“This course delivered massive amounts of information and experiences to make my synchronous online training and education sessions more engaging for my participants. I’ve worked with the Kolb model of Experiential Learning for years, but the added complexity of virtual delivery left me needing more information. Plus, the fresh ideas, problem-solving assistance and community resources made me an overall better trainer and teacher. After each session, I had something new to try and something new to share with my colleagues. Thank you, Romy and Institute for Experiential Learning, for a great course!”

– Claire Sparklin

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Next Course Dates


Facilitating Experiential Learning Online (Europe, Asia & Australia)
Every Wednesday between 4 August 2021 – 8 September 2021
9:00 am-10:30 am CEST or 5:00-6:30 pm AEST (6 sessions)

Facilitating Experiential Learning Online (USA, Canada, Sth America)
Every Wednesday between 4 August 2021 – 8 September 2021
2:00 pm-3:30 pm US EDT (6 sessions)


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