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Does Experiential Learning Work?

There are some educators who believe that integrating ‘real-life’ experiences – which they understand as experiential learning – into school curriculum offers no discernible long term value to our students.

One such person is John Kijinski, who teaches English at the State University of New York, Fredonia. He wrote a recent article which appeared on the Inside Higher Ed website.

Click here to read John’s article.

So, does experiential learning work?

In a few words, here’s my opinion…

I get his point, but he misunderstands what true experiential learning is. Either that, or he has confused ‘real-life’ experiences as the same thing as experiential learning. They are not the same – learning by doing is not the same as experiential learning.

There is no doubt that there is a LOT of valuable learning occurring within the four walls of a classroom, but it is also true that adopting an experiential-based learning approach (one imbued with ample opportunities for reflection) not only engages students more powerfully in their learning, but is a lot more fun to teach.

What do you think?

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