Top 60 Facilitator Tips & Strategies

Whether you’re a new or experienced program leader, there are always lots of questions. Indeed, as I look back over the course of my 34+ year career, I note that many of my own questions could be readily filed under the heading of ‘facilitator tips & strategies.’


Common Facilitator Questions


My book Serious Fun (published in 2014) tackled twenty of the most pressing of these facilitation-type questions.

Ten years later, it’s no surprise that training participants continue to ask these questions, too.

They include: “How do I…

  • Break the ice effectively?
  • Design a successful program?
  • Get started?
  • Set goals with my groups?
  • Conduct an effective debrief?
  • Make debriefs engaging & fun?
  • Keep my groups focused?
  • Know when to stop an activity?
  • Divide large groups into smaller groups?
  • Break up cliques?
  • Manage people who arrive late?
  • Remember names?
  • Manage people who don’t get along?
  • Know if I’m using the right activity at the right time?

… and many dozens more.


Facilitator Tips Video Series


If any one or more of these questions interests you, I encourage you to check out my Facilitator Tips video series.

All the questions listed above (and 40+ more) are answered, most in under 3 to 4 minutes. And best of all, they’re free.

The production values of these videos are nothing fancy, but they are all packed with useful and practical information to help you lead groups successfully.

Here are three of our most popular videos to whet your appetite.


How to Ask Good Debriefing Questions



Experiential Learning is NOT the same as Learning by Doing



How to Run an Effective Debrief with Confidence & Ease



Click the button below to review our video library of sixty facilitator tips & strategies.

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  1. jeWElle de Mesa

    thaaaaanks for this, mark!

    always and all ways a treasure trove of terrific tips, especially reminders like LxRoD.


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