The Collective Genius

Here’s another jewel of wisdom that landed with a thump last week from my executive coach…

Isolation is a growth killer –
t keeps you stuck and repeating the same patterns over & over.

As a solopreneur and group facilitator, I know this to be true, which is why I have a coach.

This is also why playmeo hosts two group coaching sessions every month.

They are designed to help you tap into the collective experiences, strategies, and insights of teachers & trainers worldwide who are in the trenches, just like you.

Juicy nuggets are dropped on every call.

Whether it’s a story you hear, an offhand comment that sparks an idea, or a shared struggle that suddenly clicks into a solution. This is what you can expect from the power of collective genius.

So, I invite you to break out of your silo and jump on one of our two Live Support Zoom calls scheduled for next week.

Live Coaching Calls

Tue 21 November
16:00pm (AEDT Australia) and 17:00pm (EST USA)

Exclusive to playmeo members, register by clicking below.

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Comments (3)

  1. jeWElle de Mesa

    merciiiii, mark!

    indeed – if isolation were a growth killer, then…..

    relationship-building is a life enhancer?

    connection as the fertiliser?

    ngiti! (smile in filipino)


    • Mark

      Yes, I think you’re right JeWElle. Relationship building and connections are lifesavers.

      • jeWElle de Mesa

        indeeeeed, mark!

        annnnnd we can use lifesavers (or m&ms) for dividing large groups into smaller ones.


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