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Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can bring into your life & offer to others. We say a big thank-you to the following groups & people.

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Founder & CEO


Mark Collard created playmeo out of a burning desire to share his enthusiasm and expertise for fun, interactive group games & activities with educators and program leaders all over the world. He drives the innovation behind playmeo and manages an awesome team of equally enthusiastic experts to help him get stuff done.


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Jade Lapuz, playmeo Customer Support


Member Support


Jade is laser-focused on delighting & helping playmeo members succeed. She is often one of the first contacts members have with playmeo, answering questions & directing them to the resources they need. She’s an organisational whiz & is responsible for managing many tasks that benefit our learning community.


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Online Presence


The team at EPIC (Asher Charles & Nick Vernall) are responsible for the overall development, look & feel of the site, including the wonderful colour palette. They handle all of the hard, technical stuff Mark doesn’t know how to to do & make it look simple. Thankfully, we share an affection for great coffee & awesome websites.


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Over the years Anna Rampelt has deciphered hundreds of Mark’s dodgy-looking hand-sketched stick figures and diagrams to bless the site with an abundance of illustrations that capture the essence and fun of every activity. I think you’ll agree that her family of little people and characters bring the activities alive.


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Video Tutorials


Marek, David & Fiona have sat through literally hundreds of hours of video footage to bring you the edited versions of all the video tutorials. Only the best bits got through. Big thanks to my wife too, for holding the camera so steady for hours on end to capture many of these moments.


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Group Games App


One of the simplest ways to access playmeo’s resources is via the app. Jarrod Robinson and his PE Geek team managed this task with ease. They made it super-easy for everyone with a smartphone to access all of our free stuff, adding a login portal for our members too. With 40+ apps to his name, Jarrod knows his stuff.


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Many great people have contributed to playmeo’s content. Featuring colleagues & experts from all over the world, including Mark CollardKarl Rohnke, Nate Folan, Floyd Hinman, Chad Littlefield, Michelle Cummings, Kyle Price, Lisa Howard, Sam Sikes, Amy Climer, Chris Cavert & Jim Cain and dozens of members.


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The remarkable translation tools of Google Translate and the expertise of several human translators (in many countries around the world) help us expand the reach of playmeo’s resources to many non-English speaking folks. So, thank you, muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, grazie mille, danke, salamat and terima kasih.


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