Two people holding a length of rope trying to tie an Overhand Knot

Overhand Knot

Terrific group problem-solving exercise to teach perspective.

  • Simple set-up
  • Ideal for small groups
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Multiple challenges

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Have you played this activity? What worked, what didn't work? What type of group? Do you have useful advice for other users? Do you know a fun variation?

Comments (3)

  1. Brad Lundell

    I was unsure how this would go since I have never done this activity and there was no video to show a solution, but I went for it with my groups and told them from the start I did not know the solution and had never done it before. The Groups went for it and worked hard at the problem to solve it and came up with a great solution all on their own. It did take some thinking and a good amount of teamwork.

    • Mark

      Well done Brad, I’m so pleased you gave this a go. There’s no doubt video tutorials help, but there’s nothing better than truly embracing the adventure of an activity and enjoying our group’s success on the other side.

  2. Jit Raya

    Hi,Mark .Ifyou have a short clip of Overhand Knot for me. It would be glad, Thank you very much

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