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People holding onto base of pipe filled with water trying to turn it upside-down

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Upside Down

Challenging & enthralling group initiative for small groups.

The Ladder

Very physical & emotionally challenging group initiative.

Overhand Knot

Terrific group problem-solving exercise to teach perspective.

Fidget Ladder

Challenging ascending balance task for an individual.

Paper Bag Pick Up

Thoroughly challenging & entertaining stunt for groups.


Physically demanding team challenge with lifting at height.

Mohawk Iron-workers Walk

Increasingly difficult traversing challenge for groups.

Tension Traverse

Physical & dynamic traversing challenge for an individual.

Spider’s Web

Classic group initiative to pass through a web of strings.


Dynamic traversing challenge for one or more people.

Walk & Lean

Dynamic expansion of a classic spotting skills exercise.

The Wall

Classic team-based challenge involving vigilant spotting.

Swinging Tyres

Physically demanding swinging & traversing challenge.

Wring-Out Stretch

Complex stretching exercise for dextrous partners.

The Splits

Physically-challenging stretching game for partners.

Magic Shoes

Physical challenge to inspire creativity & planning.

The Clock

Fast-paced, continuous improvement team-building game.

Windmill Stretch

Challenging partner stretch that demands coordination.

Four Pointer

Creative, physical team challenge to involve everyone.

Span The Room

Challenging group initiative that inspires creativity.

Popsicle Push-Up

Physical group task that demands planning & creativity.

Everybody Up

Progressively challenging & creative team-building task.


Challenging trust-exercise & group initiative.


Powerful & enjoyable trust-building activity for groups.