Two people standing on a straight line playing the splits partner exercise

The Splits

Physically-challenging stretching game for partners.

  • Quick
  • Challenging
  • Develops balance & agility
  • Partner game
  • No props

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Contributor Mark

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Comments (2)

  1. David Piang-Nee

    Great adaptation on ye Olde Rock-Paper-Scissors. Involves a bit of coordination, and balance. Lots of fun. And also great adaptation Wandu!

  2. wandu

    This is one of our most popular camp games. But we run a tournament. Once a person touches the ground he becomes team “person he was playing” and rallies behind him/her. Then after they play some one else, win or lose, then the teams get bigger and lesser. We eventually run a grand finale between two very large teams (this is a great game for very large groups) doing very loud cheers for the other team.

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