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Line of people playing Texas Big Foot

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Texas Big Foot

Humorous low-key circle activity for large groups.

Paradigm Shift

Quick, engaging exercise to explore different perspectives.

Blind Name-Tag

Fun & quirky name-game ideal for virtual audiences.

Air Names

Simple name-game energiser you can't get wrong.

Look Left

Extremely simple, fun & entertaining energiser.

Attention-Getting Tips

Fun, simple & effective ways to get your group's attention.

You Choose

Interactive strategy to help groups make decisions.

101 Line-Up Ideas

Dozens of fun & engaging ways to arrange groups in...

Big Ups

Simple, yet powerful jumping exercise for pairs.

Synchro Clap

Infectious & rhythmic series of collaborative claps.

Clap Pass

Very simple energiser that's ideal for all group sizes.


Engaging partner exercise to fill an idle two-minutes.

Playing Card Mixers

Series of fun, engaging & random ways to mix people.

Wring-Out Stretch

Complex stretching exercise for dextrous partners.


Fun, quick game to fill a couple of idle minutes.

Sole Mate

Quick, simple & random partner-matching strategy.

The Splits

Physically-challenging stretching game for partners.

Empowered Teams

Dynamic team-forming strategy controlled by your group.

Pass The Knot

Structured technique to give everyone an equal say.

Butt Wars

Physically fun partner exercise for small spaces.

Fist To Five

Quick & simple reflection strategy for group debriefs.

Psychic Handshake

Innovative, random & fun group-splitting technique.

Tea Cup Stretch

Innovative stretch & balance exercise for individuals.

The Elusive Shadow

Quick & active energiser that will surprise some people.