Three people playing a game of Chicken-Eyes


Fun, quick game to fill a couple of idle minutes.

  • Playful & fun
  • Inspires creativity
  • Sharpens observation skills
  • Ideal for small groups
  • No props

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Contributor Mark

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Comments (2)

  1. Boardwalk

    This looks like fun! Can you help me understand the difference between what 2 chicken eyes does and just keeping it moving in the same direction? I’m not clear on the difference. Thanks.

    • Mark

      Hi Susan, thanks for your question, I can appreciate your confusion (I had to re-read the rules just to clarify my thinking too!) When a person covers both of their eyes, the impulse continues in the same direction, but the next person is skipped. For example, if the impulse is travelling to my right, if I perform 2 x Chicken Eyes, my right-hand neighbour is skipped (they should not do anything) and the action is resumed by their right-hand side neighbour. Hope this helps.

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