Illustration of We Engage Cards

We Engage Cards

Four talkee bubbles with words as played in Rhyme or Reason

Rhyme or Reason

Illustration of group sitting inside rope Island of Healing circle for trust-building

Island of Healing Circle

Group participating in All Aboard Challenge Course element

All Aboard

Illustration of man on Tension Traverse challenge course element

Tension Traverse

Illustration of long nail as used in Find The Nail trust-building exercise

Find The Nail

Illustration of We Connect Cards

We Connect Cards

Four coins showing year of the coin

Year Of The Coin

Two pleople passing a ball as part of Push Catch group game

Push Catch

Hand waving a sheet of paper as part of Mighty Wind

Mighty Wind

Group playing dice game called Tenzi


Group of people walking with their hands in the air with one person looking on trying to work out who is the instigator


Set of alphabet letters to play Keyboard group initiative


Man stuck to wall as part of Stick Around group initiative

Stick Around

Group playing Octopus Tag

Octopus Tag

Group playing Asteroids tag game


Group in circle playing Samurai


Man hitting ball with open hand towards another person, as seen in fun tag & PE game called Ga-Ga


Talking bubble and clapping image for Concentration game


Robbing The Nest image showing two hands grabbing balls out of ring quickly

Robbing The Nest

Two sets of hands playing Ice-Breakers in which they are holding a set of wooden toy blocks as part of a get-to-know-you game


Cat and dog sitting next to each other posing the question who are you more like?

Are You More Like

Display of deck of playing cards which are added together to get twenty

Get Twenty

Girl on man's back piggy-back style as seen in game called jockeys