Illustration of group participating on Wild Woosey challenge course element

Wild Woosey

Extremely dynamic traversing challenge for pairs.

  • Physically demanding
  • Challenge for everyone
  • Develops balance & agility
  • Focus on team support
  • Inspires relationship metaphors


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Participant Responsibilities

Practical Leadership Tips

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Useful Framing Ideas

Reflection Tips & Strategies


Contributor Mark

User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (2)
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  1. Emily

    I have seen this called the Eiffel Tower. Two people trying to “climb to the top”, supporting eachother. along the way. I will never forget when we did a pair by pair reflection and a student said “it helps to pretend you have something in your butt and you clench it the whole time…this helps you not bend at the waist”. Every pair after that made it to the top no problem! A great memory indeed but also a great tip.

    • Mark

      Too funny Emily. I had a similar refrain when leading this activity, too. I employed the ‘credit card’ principle of clenching your buttocks hard enough to leave an imprint of the card’s numbers…

User Reviews, Comments & Ideas...

Have you played this activity? What worked, what didn't work? What type of group? Do you have useful advice for other users? Do you know a fun variation?

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