Hand holding bunch of index cards with Kai written on them as seen in fun ice-breaker called Names Stock Market

Names Stock Market

Index card with words and numbers on it as seen in ice-breaker ID Numbers

ID Numbers

Man using his buttocks to write letters in the air, as featured in Butt Charades activity

Butt Charades

Three people running and hitting a beachball in the air, playing energizer, warm up games Striker


Two people sitting either side of a dropped blanket facing one another, playing fun ice-breaker called Peek A Who

Peek A Who

Rope configured to represent map of Australia, as seen in team-building activity called Map Making

Map Making

Sheet of paper held between two hands, as featured in team-building exercise called Paper Holding game

Paper Holding

Two people giving each other a High-5, as part of ice-breaker called Crosstown Connections

Crosstown Connections

Four people standing in a line following instruction in an energiser game called Bobsled Teams, perfect for team-building games for students

Bobsled Teams

Bunch of photographs used in Photo Language debrief

Photo Language

Bunch of seven letters which form part of the One Word puzzle

One Word

Team of blind-folded people lead by sighted team member, as seen in Sherpa Walk group initiative, one of several trust-building games

Sherpa Walk

Three people using right hand to salute, as part of Shipwreck energiser game


Group of people with left arms in the air, playing Simon Says Stretch

Simon Says Stretch

Group of people with eyes closed, playing Speedy Name Game

Speedy Name-Game

Two blind-folded people wandering around saying Izzat You?

Izzat You?

Woman acting like a monkey say Top Monkey in talk bubble

Top Monkey

Group of people standing in a line, trying to pass one another as seen in TP Shuffle on a Rope group initiative

TP Shuffle On A Rope

Three people walking strangely in group initiative called Funny Walk

Funny Walk

Fun large group energiser called Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader

Group of people sitting on the floor watching a woman attempt to tag them in fun name game called Wampum


Set of index cards with Wordles word puzzles written on them, as featured in a wordles list


Partners holding a set of wooden blocks between their extended fingers playing energiser Don't Break The Ice

Don’t Break The Ice