Every activity featured in the playmeo library has been categorised by its most useful purpose (or type,) as described in the activity categories below.

Naturally, as most activities can be used for many purposes, this classification should only be regarded as a starting point in your planning. It is also possible to search by program outcome and theme.

Unique to playmeo, the design of every activity reflects a simple yet very powerful philosophy which will help you deliver a successful program every time.


Types of Activity Categories


Ice-Breakers & Get-To-Know-You Games

Group games and activities which invite your group to interact in a very fun, non-threatening, get-to-know-you manner. These activities, including many innovative name games, are guaranteed to ‘break the ice’ and generate lots of laughter. Click here for lots of ice-breaking examples.


Energisers, Warm-Ups & Stretches

Simple, fun activities which will ‘energise’ your group in no time. Includes time-fillers, cooperative and non-traditional warm-ups and stretches which develop balance, confidence and coordination skills. Click here to see many fun energisers.


Tag & Physical Education Games

Activities which are as useful as warm-up exercises as much as they generate lots of running around and physical exertion. Emphasis on healthy competition, but include some fantastic elimination games too. Click here for dozens of fun tag games.


Trust-Building Games & Exercises

Activities which invite your group to ‘stretch’ outside their comfort zones a little, with a view to developing critical interpersonal skills such as trust and healthy interaction. Ideally sequences alongside team-building activities to strengthen relationships. Click here to discover many trust-building games.


Team-Building & Problem-Solving Activities

Activities which involve whole-of-group participation, focusing on developing practical group problem-solving, leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Ideal for groups of young people and adults, new and existing teams. Click here for lots of wonderful team-building exercises.


Team-Building & Creative Thinking Puzzles

These interactive puzzles are specifically designed to invite people to think creatively and work together to solve a problem. Generally passive in nature, these fun activities offer many teachable moments. Click here to see a few team puzzle examples.


Fun, Interactive Community-Building Games

The most successful community-building games and activities which are inclusive, interactive and 100% fun. Guaranteed to generate lots of laughter, and help you build and reinforce a strong sense of community. Ideal for large groups. Click here for dozens of fun games.


Debriefing, Reflection & Processing Activities

Practical strategies, ideas and activities which will assist you to process your group’s experience to facilitate their learning, growth and development. Emphasis on new and innovative ideas which inspire lots of teachable moments. Click here for lots of engaging debriefing ideas.