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Team Puzzles

Team-building puzzles are activities which invite your group to think creatively to solve a problem.


These activities are sometimes referred to as ‘lateral-thinking’ exercises, in which one or more people attempt to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem. Fun team building puzzles come in a wide variety of formats, and may include purely cognitive problems or mysteries to solve, or physical challenges involving limited resources which are needed to complete the task.

Generally passive in nature, many team-building puzzles offer valuable teachable moments which invite participants to apply their learning to everyday situations.


Essential Characteristics of Fun Team Building Puzzles

Similar to many team-building experiences, the most successful team-based puzzles feature:

  • Ample opportunities for group members to interact, share and solve problems;
  • High levels of arousal, excitement and frustration, where patience is often required;
  • Opportunities for leadership, trust, communication and group co-operation to emerge;
  • Employ a ‘trial-and-error’ approach to learning; and
  • Focus on the process, and not just the task at hand.

If you are particularly interested in dedicated team-building exercises, take a look at our group problem-solving activities.


Team-Building Puzzle Ideas

The images below provide links to a sample of fun team-building and lateral-thinking puzzles which are drawn from playmeo’s online activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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River Crossing

Classic team puzzle that focuses on critical thinking.