Running tag games & PE games are brilliant activities for warming up your group, raising a sweat or simply filling-in a few minutes of idle time.


Although primarily fun, tag games for PE (physical education) are also useful opportunities to invite your group to experience some ‘introductory risks’ such as interacting with others, exerting high levels of energy, experiencing ‘failure,’ and various forms of touch (when conducted within a safe, positive environment).

These type of running activities typically emphasise healthy competition, but include some fantastic elimination games too. PE teachers love integrating tag games into their curriculum to warm-up up their students and teach important fine-motor skills, but are also valuable in camps, youth group meetings, sport training sessions, children’s birthday parties and family picnics.


Essential Characteristics of Tag Games for PE


Tag activities, especially those involved in physical education (PE) classes, should feature:

  • Fun as a major component;
  • A safe framework in which each person may choose their own level of physical (and emotional) involvement;
  • Lots of interaction among group members; and
  • A focus on participation, rather than win / lose.

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Running Tag Games for PE Ideas


The images below provide links to a sample of really fun tag and chasing games which are drawn from playmeo’s unique activity database.

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