Debriefing activities are fun, practical & engaging reflection strategies which help groups process one or more experiences to facilitate their learning, growth & development.


Generally, the most successful debriefing team building activities emphasise new and innovative techniques which inspire lots of teachable moments.

The primary rationale for the use of processing or reflection techniques, or the process of ‘learning by doing’ (or through experience,) is rooted in the Experiential Learning Cycle, first popularised by David Kolb.

However, it is important to note that ‘learning by doing’ in and of itself is not sufficient for learning to occur. Experiential learning, by its very nature, is specifically defined as ‘learning through reflection on doing.’ It is the process of reflection that facilitates the learning, not necessarily the doing itself. Thus, experiential learning is a way of doing, not something that one does.


Useful Debriefing Tips & Strategies


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Debrief & Reflection Activities


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