Trust-building games invite individuals & groups to ‘stretch’ outside their comfort zones to help them explore & develop critical interpersonal skills.


The use of trust building games and exercises make a significant contribution towards the development of a safe, positive and trusting environment in which people can live, work or play. Trust is a fragile thing, and should be developed slowly and purposefully to support strong, productive and healthy relationships.

The most effective programs employ the use of trust building games throughout their curriculum, and understand that there exist many forms of trust within a group, which necessarily include physical, mental and emotional dimensions.


Essential Characteristics of Trust Building Exercises

Generally speaking, trust building games will be effective if they feature:

  • A graduated series of experiences / activities that involve risk-taking at many levels;
  • Support and co-operation  is expected from all group members; and
  • Fun, but some fear (of the unknown) as well.

Ideally, trust-building activities – which are often quite challenging by their very nature – are carefully sequenced alongside appropriate team-building activities to help build and strengthen relationships.


Trust-Building Games

The images below provide links to a sample of challenging, yet fun trust-building exercises which are drawn from playmeo’s ever-expanding activity database.

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