Large group games are whole-of-group activities that are fully inclusive, highly-interactive & 100% fun.


Sometimes, the activity involves everyone doing the same thing at the same time, or perhaps only a small group enjoying an experience while the rest of their group watch on. No matter the context, the best fun large group games are often simple, highly-interactive and extremely positive experiences which the whole group can enjoy.

Ideally, community-building games should generate lots of laughter, and help you build and reinforce a strong sense of comfort and connection between members of your group.


Essential Characteristics of Fun Large Group Games


One of the primary objectives of playing large group games which seek to develop community spirit is to help people feel comfortable to participate just for fun. Accordingly, these sorts of experiences often feature:

  • Ample opportunities for group members to interact, play and share;
  • Fun and laughter as a major component;
  • Emphasis on whole group participation / interaction;
  • Rules are normally kept to a minimum; and
  • Success-oriented activity, with few (if any) eliminations.


Fun Large Group Activity Ideas


The images below provide links to a sample of fun, large group, community-building games which are drawn from playmeo’s extensive activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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