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Paper Stone Stacking

Creative mindful activity based on nature wellness.

One Up One Down

Fantastic observation & lateral thinking exercise for groups.

Rose Debrief

Very simple, yet powerful metaphoric reflection tool.


Fun & competitive circle game that expends a lot of...

Five Senses

Very calming, sensuous mindfulness exercise for groups.


Fun & creative story-telling exercise to explore mindsets.

Paradigm Shift

Quick, engaging exercise to explore different perspectives.

The Ladder

Very physical & emotionally challenging group initiative.


Simple, yet powerful re-framing exercise for individuals.

Active Listening

Fun exercise to promote & build active listening skills.

Culture Shock

Fascinating game to develop trust & empathy skills

Accepting Yourself

Simple yet powerful self-reflection tool for groups.

Affirming Thoughts

Inspiring meditation to create & record empowering thoughts.

Come To Your Senses

Calming exercise to help groups reflect & be present.

Mindfulness Jar

Meditation tool to help relax & practice mindfulness.

Breathe & Stretch

Guided group stretching exercise to relax & have fun.

The Being

Creative exercise to discuss behavioural norms & set goals.

Gratitude Jar

Fun activity to share achievements & express gratitude.


Powerful trust-building initiative for partners & groups.

Emotional Check-In

Engaging, guided strategy to build emotional literacy.

Calming Visualisations

Series of simple visualisations that promote relaxation.

Aristotle’s Cafe

Powerful discussion model to explore & share complex ideas.


Simple opening and/or closing exercise for gatherings.

Inspiring Check-Ins

Simple tool to bring intentionality to your programs.