Unusual Team Building Activities Your Group Will Love

It should come as no surprise that hidden within the hundreds of interactive group games & activities we have curated as part of our online library, there are a bunch of very unusual team-building activities among them.

What makes them unusual varies, of course. Sometimes it’s the context, the task itself, the environment, or perhaps the resources which can be used to solve the problem. No matter the reason, we know from experience that people love to play them.

Our list of unusual team development ideas can be broadly divided into two categories – specific activities which come with step by step instructions, and those which will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone to see what is possible.

Your choice to deliver something out of the ordinary is a great idea, too. Expect lots of engagement, heightened levels of anticipation and ample joy to accompany you and your team through your event.


Unusual Team Building Activities with Instructions


1. Longest Shadow

You need lots of outdoor space and a sunny day to set this challenge for your team. Instruct small groups of 6 to 10 people to create the longest, continuous shadow using only their bodies. One person starts with their foot behind a common line, and the winner will be the team with the longest shadow.

2. Paper-Holding

Sometimes the most unusual ideas are the best. Give small teams of 3 to 4 people just five minutes find a way to keep as many sheets of paper off the ground and not touching as possible. Expect some seriously fun and unusual ways to solve this problem. Check the video tutorial for some ideas.

3. PDQ Test

This is possibly one of our most favourite and creative team building activities. It requires no props, works with any number of people (the more the merrier) and is guaranteed to trigger shrieks of laughter. This so-called ‘test’ is simply an invitation for your group to demonstrate a series of quirky finger and body stunts such as clicking your fingers, popping your cheek with a finger, raising one eyebrow only, etc. Click the link to view a fascinating video of some of the most bizarre and unusual things some people can perform.

4. Jump In Jump Out

Not only is this a highly interactive group initiative, but it represents one of the most viral videos in our online team building resources. Form a circle, hold hands and instruct your group to say what you say and do what you do. It’s as simple as that until you change the rules just slightly. Try not to laugh as you watch the video tutorial.

5. Stick Around

Think small teams of 3 to 4 people each armed with a roll of duct tape and challenge each of them to attempt to suspend one of their members on a wall for 10 seconds using the tape as the only form of adhesive available. Hilarious.


Unusual Team Building Activities to Inspire You


6. Frozen T-Shirt

In advance, freeze a bunch of old t-shirts in a tub of water (one per tub.) When ready, distribute one frozen tub per small team of 3 to 4 people and challenge them to break into the ice and be the first team to show one of their team members wearing the frozen t-shirt. Brrrr.

7. Tin Can Pass

This idea comes straight from our collection of creative team building activities. Instruct your team to sit on the floor (butts on the ground) and pass a light-weight object, such as a tin can, from one person to another using… only their feet/shoes. Yep, pretty odd-looking. But in the context of team challenges, this is one challenging exercise. There are multiple variations and ample opportunities to focus on planning, collaboration and communication.

8. Bicycle Recycling

Team up with a local charity to recycle a bunch of old and pre-loved bicycles and bicycle parts. Pull your team together to repair them and restore them back to working order. Make a team celebration of handing over the bicycles to your chosen charity. A real feel-good moment for everyone.

9. Tree Planting

This idea is one part good for your team and three parts good for the environment. Team up with a local environmental or landcare group and offer to sow, nurture and transplant hundreds of seedlings into the soil. Coupled with the benefits of being outside, your team will have lots of opportunities to plan, lead, solve problems and collaborate.

10. Christmas in July

Regardless of which hemisphere you live, Christmas (or any annual festive event) will always seem odd in July. Plan the menu together as a team, divide tasks according to interests and specialisation. Lead a series of fun Christmas-themed activities and, perhaps, encourage your team to make or gather all of their gifts from organic sources.


Unusual Activities for Virtual Audiences


As demonstrated throughout our online activity database, there are heaps of online team building activity ideas that can be adapted from our existing library.

To find dozens of activities you can adapt for virtual team-building purposes, visit our activity search archive and select the Virtual tab on the Filter. Once filtered using this tab, every activity listed will share one or more ways you can present even more unusual team events to benefit your group.


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