For remote & virtual teams, team-building online is a fantastic way to boost employee satisfaction & productivity.


Many companies and organisations have adopted working remotely or creating virtual teams. Some businesses find this set-up more productive and profitable than having their employees work on-site. Others have sought to adapt to unique circumstances and have chosen to adopt working remotely for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of why your company started to work from home, you may wonder about an obvious challenge that comes with working remotely: a lack of opportunities for team members to socialise. Feelings of isolation and disconnect can arise from this, potentially affecting teamwork, mental health, and overall productivity.

Organising a team-building event, even online, is your best solution to keeping morale high and bridging the social gap amongst your team members.


Unique Benefits of Virtual Team-Building


Doing team-building online can improve empathy and cohesiveness to make communication, teamwork and collaboration easier for remote employees.

Compared to on-site or in-person activities, team-building activities online offer unique benefits and advantages, such as:

  • A chance to combat the possible loneliness of working remotely
  • Increase in productivity, especially for those who are not used to working from home
  • Increase in motivation to keep the team calm and operating with a high level of team morale
  • Versatility in team-building games that can be played anywhere at any time
  • Virtual team-building activities have minimal costs compared to more conventional team-building games
  • Higher employee satisfaction and retention

Looking for activities that are more focused on processing experiences to facilitate growth and development? You may want to check out our reflection and debriefing activities.


Team-Building Online Activity Ideas


Whether in person or virtually, group games and problem-solving exercises that drive people to work together as well as trust each other, can help to build a strong team foundation. See our online team-building activity suggestions from playmeo’s innovative activity database below.

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