Rather than using the same old activities that everyone uses to break the ice or build trust, unusual team-building activities create a new way to engage your group.


Whether you’re looking for activities for students, teachers, staff members, a retreat or school camp, there are many old favourites that can be used for introductions, improving communication or to build trust. But when the group has already done the activity before, they might not be so keen to get involved or they may lose interest very quickly.

Unusual team-building activities are perfect for this very reason. The team will likely not have been exposed to them before, so will be eager to join in and give 100% effort to the activity presented to them. With more people active and willingly engaged, the whole group benefits from the aim of the activity.

Just like common team-building activities, unusual activities can be used for a variety of goals. Fostering relationships, building team morale, increasing productivity and improving problem-solving skills can all be achieved in a fun and relaxed way.


Benefits of Unusual Activities & Games


Introducing uncommon activities and games is a great way to liven up a workplace, class or camp environment. With the high possibility that the team has not experienced these activities before, engagement and participation increase so objectives are able to be met.

By using unusual activities you can:

  • Involve all team members
  • Spark curiosity
  • Promote creative thinking
  • Encourage a motivated culture
  • Improve communication in the group
  • Understand how people think and act
  • Generate problem-solving abilities


Unusual Team-Building Activity Ideas


There are many unusual exercise and game ideas to choose from, but remember that some activities have certain goals in mind. You may want to consider the different learning styles and needs of your team, and what props or physical activity is needed.

The links below are samples of unusual team-building activities from playmeo’s innovative and vast activity database. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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