Creative & out-of-the-box team-building exercises are more effective in fostering teamwork, communication & collective problem-solving skills.


Not all team-building activities are enjoyable. Some of them can be clichéd, boring and banal, making it difficult for people to participate willingly. People can get tired of the same old games, like trust falls, building a bridge using straws, and sharing interesting personal facts. It can get awkward pretty quickly!

Break the mould and try something unique, something different. Team-building works much better when people enjoy getting involved, with games that are fun, unique and creative. People prefer activities that leave them feeling they have accomplished something or done something new.


When to Use Creative Team-Building Activities


Creative team-building activities will challenge your teams in unexpected and delightful ways to get them working and laughing together. They will bring out the best of creative problem solvers and lateral thinkers.

But how often should you be doing team-building activities?

It depends on the situation and the objectives you have for your team; what works for one group may not work for the other. For example, a company may be struggling in a particular area and needs a consistent schedule to undertake team-building to fix the issues, while others may find that a once-a-year event is enough.

Commonly, though, people play team-building games when:

  • introducing new members to the team;
  • merging two departments or groups;
  • working on a specific issue, such as communication;
  • help is needed to energise the team.


If you are interested in activities that emphasise laughter and group interaction, check out our fun team-building games.


Creative Team-Building Activity Ideas


Creative group activities can do wonders for your employee relations, teamwork and performance. These games and exercises will challenge teams and get them eager and excited to participate. Activities should also have a healthy dose of competition to give them the drive to succeed.

Below are some recommended creative team-building games (that are not trust falls!) from playmeo’s activity database to get you started. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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