Back Pressure Cooker group initiative with people stepping on and off numbered spots
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Pressure Cooker

Energetic initiative to challenge critical-thinking skills.

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  • Challenging
  • Highly interactive & energetic
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Fosters critical-thinking
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Long length of rope (7 metres)
  • Numbered spot markers, one per person
  • Stop-watch


Mark Collard

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User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (2)
3.00 avg. rating (67% score) - 2 votes

  1. Susan

    I used Pressure Cooker with a corporate group and got great results. A creative answer (if they come up with it) is to move the spots. They were a medical team and I was able to compare the rules (which can be interpreted) to the law (which cannot be interpreted.) just as it is in real life. they got very creative while staying within the few “laws” that they had to follow. great process and learning opportunity. It was a large group (36.) It went very smoothly. Being a medical group, they had their “patients” tested. lol

    • Mark Collard

      Susan, this is awesome, thanks for sharing. And wow – a group of 36 people, you must be a talented facilitator because that is way bigger than I would feel comfortable leading 🙂

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