Group standing inside four ropes forming Hot Box group initiative

Hot Box

Person about to catch rubber ring as part of Dolphin Golf

Dolphin Golf

Illustration of dazzling Mindfulness Jar

Mindfulness Jar

Illustration of interlocking palms forming a palm tree

Palm Tree

Magnifying glass asking a deeper why

Deeper Why

Illustration of Care About ice-breaker game

Care About

Illustration of Speed Numbers sheet used in team-building programs

Numbers Game

Illustration of group participatin in Porthole challenge course element


Illustration of group using Swinging Log challenge course element

Swinging Log

Illustration of Blizzard team-building game


Illustration of group participating in TPO Shuffle team-building challenge course element

TP Shuffle

Group guessing the minute mystery game.

Minute Mysteries

Album cover debrief artwork of woman jumping for joy

Album Cover

Tennis balls with numbers on them as played in Think Ball

Think Ball

Man conjuring black magic.

Black Magic

Flip Over Ten playing cards group initiative

Flip Over Ten

Illustration of group playing on Trolleys challenge course element


Set of letters to play Human Boggle

Human Boggle

Illustration of group playing Islands team-building activity


Illustration of group participating on Whale Watch challenge course element

Whale Watch

Two people using their index fingers to keep a line of wooden blocks off the ground, as seen in Block Bridge initiative

Block Bridge

Three people playing Four-Letter Word

Four-Letter Word

Two people holding letters cards as part of Letter Connection icebreaker game

Letter Connection

The letters Y O U T which form part of G-H-O-S-T fun group game