Flip Over Ten playing cards group initiative

Flip Over Ten

Two pleople passing a ball as part of Push Catch group game

Push Catch

Person bending down picking up card playing Over There group initiative

Over There

Hand waving a sheet of paper as part of Mighty Wind

Mighty Wind

Group playing Capture the flag

Capture The Flags

Group playing dice game called Tenzi


Illustration of group playing Islands team-building activity


Group of people walking with their hands in the air with one person looking on trying to work out who is the instigator


Pressure Cooker group initiative with people stepping on and off numbered spots

Pressure Cooker

Illustration of group participating on Whale Watch challenge course element

Whale Watch

Two people using their index fingers to keep a line of wooden blocks off the ground, as seen in Block Bridge initiative

Block Bridge

Three people sitting in circle passing balls to each other quickly, as featured in Quick Pass game

Quick Pass

Woman stepping across stepping stones as part of group initiative Marshmallow River

Marshmallow River

Group playing Asteroids tag game


Person holding two hands above head as if they were rabbit ears, as played in Superiority game


Warp Speed demonstration of a soft ball being passed inside a circle of people

Warp Speed

Group Juggle demonstration of passing a series of balls across a circle

Group Juggle

Four people moving about an area with one person saying Stop as part of energiser Walk & Stop

Walk & Stop

Two sets of hands playing Ice-Breakers in which they are holding a set of wooden toy blocks as part of a get-to-know-you game


Set of wooden blocks lined up and held by a series of fingers in Block Party group initiative

Block Party

Man catching a ball inside a stocking in a game called comets


Three people mimicking the action of Rueben in the fun icebreaker called Motion Name-Game

Motion Name-Game

Three people all doing the same action in The Manner of the Word game

In The Manner Of The Word