Two people moving as part of Active Intros

Active Intros

Hand drawing a word in air as played in Air Names

Air Names

Line of people holding numbers for Number Shuffle initiative

Number Shuffle

Illustration of group participating in Trust Fall challenge course element

Trust Fall

Girl running from group saying I need a shoelace

Need A Shoelace

Two maps which are used in a Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Variety of items to be found in Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Small group playing Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Illustration of group participating in Nitro Crossing challenge course element

Nitro Crossing

Illustration of group using Swinging Log challenge course element

Swinging Log

Illustration of woman participating on Multi-vine Traverse challenge course element

Multivine Traverse

Illustration of Blizzard team-building game


Group participating in All Aboard Challenge Course element

All Aboard

Illustration of Criss Cross Challenge Course element

Criss Cross

Illustration of group participating in TPO Shuffle team-building challenge course element

TP Shuffle

Flip Over Ten playing cards group initiative

Flip Over Ten

Two pleople passing a ball as part of Push Catch group game

Push Catch

Person bending down picking up card playing Over There group initiative

Over There

Hand waving a sheet of paper as part of Mighty Wind

Mighty Wind

Group playing Capture the flag

Capture The Flags

Group playing dice game called Tenzi


Illustration of group playing Islands team-building activity


Group of people walking with their hands in the air with one person looking on trying to work out who is the instigator


Pressure Cooker group initiative with people stepping on and off numbered spots

Pressure Cooker