Two people facing each other with palms touching, as starting position for fun partner game called Palm Off

Palm Off

Quick partner energiser to teach principles of balance.

  • Playful & fun
  • Quick & simple
  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Partner activity
  • No props

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Contributor Mark

User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (1)
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  1. David Piang-Nee

    Fun little activity on its own.
    It is also a good fun starter activity to Low Ropes activities when you are introducing the concepts of spotting participants on the Low Ropes elements.
    It really demonstrates to participants the importance of being ready, balanced and grounded when looking after the safety of their friends as well as their own safety in the activity.
    Lovely conversations can result from this as well as a good way of ensuring that all participants understanding their responsibilities as a support or spotter during the Low Ropes Sequence.

User Reviews, Comments & Ideas...

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