24 of the Best Small Group Games & Activities

A playmeo member recently asked:

I’m designing a leadership program of games & team-building exercises for small groups of only 4-5 students. I find it challenging to do activities with such a small number. Do you have any brilliant ideas for small group games?

Here’s my response:

Your question is a common one among many of our members and users. While I love working with large groups, I have developed a long and reliable list of activities that I pull out when I’m working with very small groups of 6 or fewer people.

I have delivered almost all of the activities I list below to young people and expect that they will form part of a well-sequenced and facilitated program. Naturally, I’m drawing from playmeo’s activity database so there’s plenty more to learn from all of the links I share below.


Top 24 Small Group Games & Activities


Here they are, in no particular order:


Useful Advice Working with Small Groups


Honestly, this is just a short list. There are many dozens of more activities that are ideal for small groups.

Keep in mind, that while small groups are awesome for building intimacy and connection, they often suffer from a lack of energy (which large groups offer in abundance.)

To this end, start with activities that are more likely to encourage your group to generate their own energy rather than relying on you in the beginning. With a good head of steam built up, you can then progress onto some of the more passive forms of team-based activities.

You may also want to check out these blog posts for more advice and ideas:



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