Two Hours of Fun & Physical Activity Every Week in Schools

Followers of this blog, not to mention my work in the field of education, will know that I bang on a lot about the critical importance of play, physical activity and exercise to the development of human beings.

If you believe this too, here are two articles/books you must read:

1. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise & The Brain
by Dr John Ratey M

John’s latest research and compelling message proves beyond a doubt that in order for our brains to function at their peak, our bodies need to move. Exercise prepares our brain to learn, it can improve our mood and attitude, lowers stress, and even helps to reverse some of the effects of aging on our brain.

2. Minimum of Two Hours of Fun & Effective Physical Activity Is A Must Each Week In Schools (sorry, link broken)
by Dr Christina Curry

Again, Christina argues the case for elevating the position of PE and exercise into the national curriculum – no matter which country you happen to live/teach. She offers four steps towards achieving this goal, and thereby, improving the health and academic performance of our students.

Once you have read these articles, please share them with other educators. The more our educational systems switch onto the benefits of integrating play and exercise into the curriculum, the more powerful and successful these systems will be.

Looking for lots of fun ways to encourage your group to move?

Click here to browse our online activity database.


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