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Throwing FMS poster reflecting physical movement

The Physical Movement

playmeo collaborates with many partners all over the world. From time to time, in the spirit of adding value, I invite some of them to…

Xmas lights on outside building to reflect Feliz Navidad song with actions. Photo credit: Bob Ricca

Moving to Feliz Navidad

Good friend, playmeo subscriber and exceptional PE (physical education) teacher, Sean de Morton, passed this gem along to me. Sean presented it to his primary…

Boy playing with autumn leaves because play is making a comeback. Photo credit: Justin Young

Why play is making a comeback

I recently stumbled across this post, describing why play is making a comeback, which was first published on PBS in the United States: Click here –>…

Mountain biking in the outdoors

Adding the Outdoors to Your Physical Education Curricula

Happy new year everyone! Here’s an article which outlines the opportunities that (outdoor) adventure activities can facilitate within the National Curriculum for Physical Education: Opportunities…

Fun is the magnet to get kids active & fit

Fun Is The Magnet To Keep Kids Fit

You can never have enough fun games, and I mean FUN games, up your sleeve to encourage young people (indeed, all people) to be and…

Women running on track demonstrating physical activity. Credit Jonathan Chng

Two Hours of Fun & Physical Activity Every Week in Schools

Followers of this blog, not to mention my work in the field of education, will know that I bang on a lot about the critical…