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Moving to Feliz Navidad

Good friend, playmeo subscriber and exceptional PE (physical education) teacher, Sean de Morton, passed this gem along to me.

Sean presented it to his primary school students last week to rave reviews, and in the spirit of Xmas giving, we wanted to share it with you.

It’s real simple:

  1. Choose one of your favourite, upbeat, Christmas tunes, such as Feliz Navidad, by Michael Buble.
  2. Instruct your group to perform the following actions when they hear/sing particular phrases in the song.
  3. For example:
    Feliz Navidad” = 2 x push-ups
    Merry Christmas” = 5 x star jumps
    Bottom of my heart” = 2 x tuck jumps
  4. Play song, and enjoy the hilarious, energetic movements of your group trying to keep up with the song.

So simple, so much fun. Works with pretty much any festive tune. Enjoy!

All the best for the holiday season.

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