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Today, I’m excited to share an article (and a free gift) by two of Australia’s top PE teachers – Sean de Morton and Andy Hair – who have teamed up in an initiative called The Physical Movement…


Evolution of The Physical Movement


Have you ever heard the saying that everything happens for a reason? I always used to think growing up that this was a throwaway line that people would use to help themselves get back on track when things go paired shaped or explain certain events in their lives when they needed answers.  In the case of the friendship and now a business partnership between Andy Hair and I, it seems like the most important connection that needed to take place.

Andy Hair and I (and good friend Wayne Schultz) have just got back from Dubai where we presented a two-day workshop for the International Cricket Council (ICC) canvasing with world leaders in cricket from all over the world, an entry-level program 8 lesson sequences that will change the way the sport is delivered. This was a life-changing experience but would never have transpired without Andy and I crossing paths many years ago.

I found myself at an Australia Physical Education conference and up until this point, had resisted all social media as I felt it would take more time away from my already busy schedule. After a fair bit of deliberation, I decided to go to a workshop called ‘Twitter for Professional Development.’

From this session, I underwent a 10-day challenge where I had to conquer a number of tasks including sending my first Tweet! Not too long into my new social media journey, I was introduced through newly found follower to Andy. From here Andy and I were baffled with the similarities in terms of our trajectories in life. We are both extremely passionate about engaging students in Physical Education, Ironman Triathlon Finishers, School Sport Victoria Region Coordinators and live every single day with the mantra of ‘Anything Is Possible.’

With the expert guidance of Mark Collard, Andy and I agreed that it was essential for us to create a joint venture that would ensure our messages could be carried much further than the student cohort from our respective schools, and subsequently, The Physical Movement was born. We see Physical Education and Sport as a vehicle to connect and engage students and establish good habits at a young age to ensure that we are installing a love of being physically active and healthy.

Andy and I have dropped back to 4 days a week teaching in 2019, to build an approach to connect with more and more teachers and schools through running workshops, creating resources and in turn facilitating engaging learning environments that foster movement-based learning and building Physically Literate human beings.

We have only just begun our exciting journey at The Physical Movement but we would like to share this FREE  download with you.


Free Physical Movement Posters


Here are The Physical Movement Fundamental Movement Skill Posters for all the Physical Education Teachers out there who would like to raise the bar and take advantage of these great visuals to use in their classrooms. These posters make teaching Fundamental Movement Skills and Game Sense easy by clearly outlining the Success Criteria associated with each skill.

If you have read all the way to the bottom of this blog, I thank you for doing so and look forward to connecting with you further down the track.


… with thanks to Sean and Andy. Reach out to them if you’d like to learn more about them or how they can help you.


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