Illustration of a full Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jar

Illustration of emotional check-in

Emotional Check-In

Man waving arms to his side playing Count To Six

Count To Six

Illustration of woman thinking of three visualisations

Calming Visualisations

Three cards with talkee bubbles as used in QOTD Question of the Day


Desktop screen featuring typical Wiki Journey game

Wiki Journey

Illustration of man exhaling as part of Mindful Breathing

Mindful Breathing

freeze action activity

Freeze Action

Twenty One activity

Twenty One

Set of name tags as played with Curiosity Ping Pong

Curiosity Ping Pong

Line of people holding numbers for Number Shuffle initiative

Number Shuffle

Illustration of group using Fidget Ladder challenge course element

Fidget Ladder

Hand holding a photo of a lion as part of Panic Picture game

Panic Picture

Variety of objects to be used as a Reflection Board

Reflection Board

Illustration of group participating on Wild Woosey challenge course element

Wild Woosey

Illustration of magnifying glass looking at woman performing Inner World Tour

Inner World Tour

Illustration of woman participating on Multi-vine Traverse challenge course element

Multivine Traverse

Illustration of playing dice as used in Dicebreakers icebreaker game


Illustration of Criss Cross Challenge Course element

Criss Cross

Line of people forming part of a storyline

Story Line

Name That List fun group game

Name That List

Series of playing cards as used with Card Talk

Card Talk

Girl attempting to jump on foot of boy in energetic game called Pretty Darn Quick

Pretty Darn Quick

Two women greeting each other As If they were royal members

As If…