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teacher speaking to students coming back to school

What Students Need Coming Back to School

Students in the southern hemisphere have started coming back to school in what will be their third year impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. After a…

Dr Juliana Mosley TED Talk

4 Inspiring TED Talks to Welcome the New School Year

I’ve been an avid watcher of TED Talks for many years. I treat them like tiny morsels of nutrition to feed and inspire my day…

Axious teacher wondering where to start

Feeling Overwhelmed & Don’t Know Where to Start?

A familiar lament of many teachers at the start of a new school year was echoed by a member today seeking help: I want to…

Connecting students in school hallway

Connecting Students When They Come Back to School

The northern hemisphere is waking up and students are returning to the classroom. In most places, this will be face-to-face, while in others, the practice…

School children in back to school classroom setting, with two types of students, wondering how to start the new school year. Photo credit: Megan Soule

Back To School Program Templates

Starting school can be a fun, yet stressful time for students and teachers alike. New schools, new people, new routines, etc. It is also a…

School books with apple to indicate back-to-school program time. Photo credit: Element5

Attn: Aussie Teachers – Back-To-School Program Ideas

You can never have enough activity ideas to keep students busy, especially when they have just come back from holidays and are still getting used to…

New school year photographs of students

Start of School Year ‘Orientation’ programs

Teachers in the southern hemisphere are gearing up for the start of the new school term this week. For some simple, highly interactive activity ideas…

School books on tale, ready for back to school community-building games. Credit Element5

Back-To-School Games & Activities: Lesson #5

In my opinion, if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing. Fun (or FUNN) attracts student’s willing participation, it’s contagious, and it’s very hard to…

Two red apples prepared for back to school get-to-know-you games. Credit Fischer Twins

Back-To-School Games & Activities: Lesson #3

Simply introducing a small number of interactive games on the first day of school is not nearly enough to help students settle into their new…

Students love back to school games. Credit Ben White

Back-To-School Games & Activities: Lesson #1

First impressions count, right? Your students want the first days of their new school year to be fun and exciting, and as their teacher, you…

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Not sure where to start?

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