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Back-To-School Games & Activities: Lesson #1

First impressions count, right?

Your students want the first days of their new school year to be fun and exciting, and as their teacher, you want it to be educational as well.

It is well documented that the more effort you make in the very beginning of the school year to build and strengthen relationships among the students in your classroom, the more productive and successful you and they will be.

In the first week of school, it’s a great idea to present a liberal dose of back to school games and activities which feature lots of opportunities to interact, share and learn.

Over the course of this week, I will share some of my most favourite ‘back-to-school’ activities – all of them are 30 minutes or less, and require few if any props.

Back To School ‘Ice-Breakers’ (30 mins)
Props: Ice-Breaker Question Exchange Cards (Print+Play)


Tomorrow: More Back To School Games


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