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Activity Ideas

Start of School Year ‘Orientation’ programs

Teachers in the southern hemisphere are gearing up for the start of the new school term this week.

For some simple, highly-interactive activity ideas which will invite your students to have fun and get to know one another really quickly – take a look at the series of five articles I wrote last August:


Every class, no matter how well the students may know each other, are strongly recommended to introduce a series of fun, interactive activities to get the new school year started on a positive note.

As I describe in my series of short posts last year, the more work you do at the beginning of your school year to form strong, positive relationships, the less work you’ll have to do later into the term to manage anti-social behaviours. You will also be investing in a more productive classroom too.

Note: while I may refer to teachers, students and classrooms here – don’t be fooled. These same strategies and educational philosophies apply equally to any group setting, inc corporate training rooms, conferences, camps, etc and produce equally positive results.


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