Back-To-School Activity Ideas that Help Students Reconnect

Over the next month or two, tens of millions of students will return to classes across the northern hemisphere.

Summer is a long break, but when you factor in the loss of a lot less face-time over the past couple of years, this coming back-to-school period will be critical to the ability of your students to settle into the new school year, not to mention, your ability to get stuff done.

Hence, you may view the following program ideas that help students reconnect in one of three ways:

  • Conquering COVID disconnect,
  • Building & strengthening relationships, or
  • Simply having fun.

Regardless of your perspective, the research is clear that any and all of the time and energy you invest in building the relationships of your cohort will pay big dividends later down the track. For example, stronger relationships always amplify whatever you’re trying to get done in your class.

It is also true that the skills they learn to form and sustain healthy relationships while at school will support their well-being and success long into their adult years.

With these thoughts in mind, I wish to bring your attention to five outrageously fun programs you can easily integrate into your back-to-school programs this Fall.


Back to School Activity Program Templates


These were published nine years ago and are all as relevant today as they were back then. Thirty minutes is all you need, perhaps woven in a few times into the first week of school.

Click on the following links to get all of the details you need:


Back to School Activities – Icebreakers 1 (30 mins)

Back to School Activities – Icebreakers 2 (30 mins)

Back to School Activities – Get-To-Know-You Games (30 mins)

Back to School Activities – Teambuilding Games for Students (30 mins)

Back to School Activities – School Community Building Games (30 mins)


Have fun. I know your students will.

Coming soon: a DIY Classroom Connect toolkit of materials you can use to help students reconnect after their long summer break, brimming with dozens of fun ideas for face-to-face, virtual and hybrid environments.


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