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Great Games with No Equipment

More than 140 of the best group games, ice-breakers and team-building exercises that will invite your group to play, share, trust and learn. Every activity is guaranteed to be 100% fun and not need any equipment.

Out of Print – Updated in 2018 as No Props No Problem


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No Props is jam-packed with 220 pages of the BEST group activities, from the simplest ice-breakers to challenging problem-solving activities, the funnest getting-to-know-you games to trust exercises.

More than 140 activities, all of which have universal appeal, and require absolutely no equipment whatsoever, so they are perfect for every budget!

Published by Project Adventure Inc, the largest publisher of adventure education titles in the world, No Props was Australia’s #1 selling activity publication for many years, and featured:

  • More than 140 ice-breakers, cooperative games, warm-ups, tags, trust exercises, and group problem-solving activities – each with at least one fun variation;
  • All of the activities require no equipment whatsoever, and appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities;
  • Illustrations which capture the essence of every activity which will help you easily ‘see’ it and recreate its magic;
  • Dozens of random, interactive and hilarious ways to split your large group into smaller groups;
  • A brief introduction to five proven strategies for developing a fun learning environment in which everyone feels safe and supported and fosters surprising levels of participation; and
  • Thirteen simple tips which will help you become an outstanding group facilitator, and have your group eating out of your hands.

As noted above, this edition of No Props was thoroughly re-written and updated in 2018, now known as No Props No Problem: 150+ Outrageously Fun Group Games & Activities using No Equipment.

You can view a comparison of all three editions of No Props here.

Written by Mark Collard in 2005 (220 pages.)

ISBN 0-934387-05-02

Featured Activities


Active guessing game to sharpen observation skills.


One of those frustrating, yet very fun rhythmic name-games.

Monarch Tag

Fun team-based tag featuring collaboration & strategy.

Ha Ha Ha Game

Small group stunt in which people can't stop laughing.


Playful circle game to generate energy, focus & laughter.

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