Run, Jump, Learn – How Exercise Can Transform Our Schools

Happy new year!

I want to share a special new year MUST WATCH video with you. It features Dr John Ratey, author of the ground-breaking new book Spark which introduces the new science of how exercise benefits the brain.

In his short, yet engaging presentation, Dr Ratey proves and demonstrates that exercise can transform our schools as much as our brains.


While exercise is good for the body, Dr Ratey argues that it’s more beneficial for the brain. And movement and exercise, especially when motivated by play and group games, are ideal stimulators of the brain.

Dr Ratey is an internationally recognized expert in the brain-exercise connection. I heard him talk at Project Adventure’s 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2011, and he blew everyone away with his presentation.

Citing scientific studies and real-world examples, Dr Ratey demonstrates in this video how we can raise test scores, lower behavioural problems, and help the overall well-being of today’s students with fitness-based physical education.

I want this too. Spread the word…


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