project adventure logoProject Adventure is more than just the name of an organisation.

Project Adventure is an approach to working with people that has helped millions to exceed their perceived boundaries, worked with others to solve problems and experience success.

Project Adventure, an international, non-profit organisation, began in 1971 as an innovative ninth-grade physical education program based in part on the principles of Outward Bound. Understanding that adventure was more about doing and less about where and what one does, PA’s founders developed a program that could be done indoors or on a playing field, accessed by ‘students’ of all abilities and adaptable to many different time frames.

The program consisted of non-traditional games, ice-breakers and get-to-know-you games, warm-ups and energisers, trust exercises, group problem-solving activities – many similar to those featured on playmeo – and the use of low and high Challenge Course elements.

Students learned to work cooperatively, challenge themselves in a supportive environment, improve self-esteem and learn creative approaches to problem-solving. Yet, all of this occurred without the need to trek in the wilderness, or other such ‘high adventure.’


Project Adventure’s Mission


PA’s goal is simple – ‘to bring the adventure home.’ 

Today, with more than 48 years of experience and offices throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore, Project Adventure has introduced and helped to adapt adventure into literally thousands of academic, corporate, therapeutic and community-based programs.

Project Adventure maintains a strong belief that a learning environment that utilises adventure and cooperative techniques in a supportive way is an optimal educative experience. Hence, this approach is important for all ‘students,’ no matter where the ‘classroom’ is found. Fun is also a major element because, in our experience, people learn more effectively if they enjoy what they are doing. Fun helps to engage people, thereby providing opportunities for growth.

Sharing this way of doing with others is what PA does. It continues to create new activities and props; author new and leading-edge publications for the field, such as No Props and Count Me In; offer trainings that help to develop the skills needed to implement this innovative program approach safely and effectively; and provide consultation services to help you develop, apply and maintain a quality program.

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