Man chasing woman as part of Water World game

Water World

Two maps which are used in a Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Group playing Capture the flag

Capture The Flags

Man catching a ball inside a stocking in a game called comets


T-shirt frozen in block of ice, as featured in fun game called Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder

Team-building exercise in which two people cast the longest shadow onto the ground in front of them

Longest Shadow

Man crawling on hands and knees attempting to catch an Elusive Shadow

The Elusive Shadow

Woman touching a tree with eyes closed, as seen in Hug A Tree trust exercise

Hug A Tree

Woman creeping up to man with his eyes shut in trust exercise called Come To Me

Come To Me

Group of people with eyes closed walking forward as viewed in trust-building exercise called Group Compass Walk

Group Compass Walk

One person leading a blind-folded person on a walk, as part of trust-building game called Pairs Compass Walk trust-building exercise

Pairs Compass Walk