Small group playing BlueStarOpoly


Three people playing Balloonarama


Black & white line drawing of a mandala


Man participating in an Online Scavenger Hunt

Online Scavenger Hunt

Illustration of Care About ice-breaker game

Care About

Illustration of Blizzard team-building game


Set of letters to play Human Boggle

Human Boggle

Group playing dice game called Tenzi


Series of letter cards as played with Take Two puzzle

Take Two

Cay on Yer Head large group energiser

Cat On Yer Head

Paper with various golf tees and hazards and a hand holding a pen playing Paper Golf

Paper Golf

Bunch of balloons in the air, as one gets hit into the path of another, just like star wars

Star Wars

Creative team building exercise as featured in Paper Tower

Paper Tower

Inventive air-powered vehicle powered by someone's breath

Air-Powered Vehicle

Man demonstrating the flight of a Tumblewing Glider paper airplane

Tumblewing Glider

Pair of dice being rolled in Double Dice Game

Double Dice Game

Three people holding hands trying to keep balloon afloat in team-building energiser called Boop


Large square with nine boxes with number 1 to 9 marked inside them, as used in Magic Nine Numbers team puzzle

Magic Nine Numbers

People sitting on chairs and stacked on laps of others, as seen in fun group game called All My Neighbours

All My Neighbours

Sheet of paper with series of letters and numbers as seen in fun team puzzle, Alphabet Equations such as 12 S of the Z

Alphabet Equations

Hand holding pieces of fun problem-solving lateral thinking puzzle called Arrowheads Puzzle, one of many fun team-building puzzles

Arrowheads Puzzle

Sticks of spaghetti poked into a marshmallow, as seen in team-building initiative Marshmallow Challenge game

Marshmallow Challenge

Balloons being kept afloat by group of hands, as featured in team-building exercise called Frantic


Man drawing an object in front of small group playing classic game of Pictionary


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