Back Two people with rolls of masking tape hanging from their noses, in fun group game called Sticky Beak

Sticky Beak

Super-fun & interactive partner elimination game.

  • Rapid execution
  • Very playful & fun
  • Highly-interactive
  • Elimination game
  • Partner activity

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    Contributor Mark Collard

    User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (3)
    5.00 avg. rating (89% score) - 1 vote

    1. Gayle

      Is there an application for every game? What would it be for this game? I teach teachers in remote parts of Burma, and am collecting games to use… but i need applications!

      • Mark Collard

        Hi there Gayle, thanks for your question. I’m not quite clear on your term ‘application’ but if you mean “how might I use this activity, or what purpose could it be used for?’ then I have a couple of responses: the primary purpose would be to have fun (stacks of research which points to the value of playing in groups.) This particular exercise certainly generates lots of energy and interaction (great as an energiser) and then there’s the competitive element thrown in for good measure if you needed a method to appoint a winner. Have fun.

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