Group of people standing in straight line facing forward as part of standing on Spectrums Debrief line, one of many debriefing tips

Spectrums Debrief

Simple, engaging & non-verbal reflection activity.

  • Very simple
  • Rapid execution
  • Non-verbal option
  • Highly visual
  • No props

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Have you played this activity? What worked, what didn't work? What type of group? Do you have useful advice for other users? Do you know a fun variation?

Comments (2)

  1. jeWElle de Mesa

    thanks for this, mark.

    we sometimes call this ‘choice continuum’ – especially to emphasize that wherever they are on the line, there are continuing opportunities to ‘improve’. this could be discussed in another activity, preferably the next one. following one statement from the video, it may sound like ‘seems that we are gathered around the middle part of the line. now please look for a pair or triad and discuss how we could increase the effectiveness of this session…..’

    depending on the objectives of the session, the group is given prompts about how to enhance the session in terms of what they would like to highlight – content, process, methods, reflection strategies, how to apply what they’ve learned, fun factor, affect aspects, involving a variety of participants, timing and duration, how to acknowledge the range of realities people bring, et al.

    another prompt could be – what kind of environment needs to be in place to achieve optimum results? what do we need to continue (especially from people standing towards 10 to start, plus thoughts from others)? what do we need to ‘avoid’ ‘keep in mind’ (especially from people towards 0 plus thoughts from others)? other considerations? – i think this can be matched with traffic light debriefing

    point for discussion – what is the range of potential ‘costs and benefits’ of doing this from upfront to anonymously? when are these options best implemented? depending on the level of trust, how to process outputs, balancing relationships with results, et al

    if there is a lot of/extra time, a fun variation might be for people to draw faces/symbols that describe their ‘placement’. (“,)

    • Mark

      Love all of this Joel, thanks for sharing your thoughtful reflections on this versatile reflection strategy 🙂

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