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Two people playing Chopsticks maths game

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Fun partner game involving strategy & competition.

Rose Debrief

Very simple, yet powerful metaphoric reflection tool.

Five Senses

Very calming, sensuous mindfulness exercise for groups.


Fun & creative story-telling exercise to explore mindsets.

If Then

Playful partner game to inspire creativity & interaction.

Mrs O’Grady

Energetic & zany series of sequential stunts.

Come To Your Senses

Calming exercise to help groups reflect & be present.

Breathe & Stretch

Guided group stretching exercise to relax & have fun.

Inspiring Check-Ins

Simple tool to bring intentionality to your programs.

Mirror Neurons

Exciting partner game that seeks commonality.

Active Intros

One of the most versatile & engaging large group energisers.


Fun mindful 'unofficial start' exercise & brain break.

Blind Portraits

Highly entertaining drawing experience for partners.


Dynamic traversing challenge for one or more people.

Unofficial Start

Strategies that facilitate early engagement & interaction.

Starts With

Simple processing exercise using alphabet letter set.

Collaborative Drawing

Extremely fun & engaging small group creative task.


Emoji Cards

Useful set of emotive cards to encourage fun & reflection.

Monarch Tag

Fun team-based tag featuring collaboration & strategy.


Climer Cards

Fun deck of cards to inspire team-building & creativity.

Balloon Propulsion Debrief

Fun debrief activity to explore connections in your group.

Deportment Tag

Highly skilled variation of a classic tag game.

Around The World

Fun, whole-of-group mathematical energiser.


Making Connections

Simple ice-breaker to connect group members to others.