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Set of nails on wooden block called Porcupine Progression

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Porcupine Progression

Very challenging engineering task for small groups.

Upside Down

Challenging & enthralling group initiative for small groups.

Ducks in a Row

Playful representation to discuss group behavioural norms.

Blind Maze

Team-based problem-solving exercise for small groups.

Geared Up

Fast-paced, highly interactive circle game for large groups.

Phones & Faxes

Fun group initiative to explore the skill of multitasking.

Paradigm Shift

Quick, engaging exercise to explore different perspectives.

The Ladder

Very physical & emotionally challenging group initiative.


Super-fun large group activity ideal for wide open spaces.

Blind Polygon

Classic group initiative to sharpen communication skills.

Overhand Knot

Terrific group problem-solving exercise to teach perspective.


Fast-paced circle game involving fun sounds & movements.


Dramatic trust-building game to explore impacts of competition.

Spaghetti Junction

Complex group initiative using simple equipment.

Polar Bears & Ice Holes

Fun lateral thinking puzzle to sharpen observation skills.

Five Finger Contract

Very simple & handy way to discuss behavioural norms.

Bank Robbery

Fun mystery designed to be solved by large groups.

Active Listening

Fun exercise to promote & build active listening skills.

Culture Shock

Fascinating game to develop trust & empathy skills

Accepting Yourself

Simple yet powerful self-reflection tool for groups.

Ally Oop

Simple, active & extremely fun group initiative.


Very entertaining team-based charade-style game.

Hot Box

Complex & fast-paced skipping rope group initiative.

Affirming Thoughts

Inspiring meditation to create & record empowering thoughts.